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thumbnail FruitwithTropFlowers combinedFind locally sourced tea, an herbal infusion, brewing kit, honey, cookies and mug in the High Tea in Paradise gift basket.


Tea Baskets Make Great All Occasion Gifts

thumbnail HigTeainBagThe High Tea gift bag includes Hawaiian Tropical green and black teas, lehua blossom honey with wooden spreader, Kona Gold Rum Company mac nut rum cake and Mauna Kea Snowball shortbread cookies. Boost your immunity with our baskets full of tea and herbal infusions that offers healing antioxidants. Our health is top priority right now so practice self-care or send someone a tropical tea basket! 

From Sept. 21 through Sept. 24, enjoy 30% OFF our “High Tea” or “High Tea in Paradise” gift baskets—simply use the code HighTea30 when ordering. These two tea baskets not only contain tea and herbal infusions, but also honey by Big Island Bees and Hawaii-made cookies. “High Tea in Paradise” also has a rich mac nut rum cake and a tropical-themed mug. Find them and several other baskets with tea simply by typing “tea” in the “Search Our Store” box on our website.

thumbnail Website screen shotPMJust type in “tea” in the Search Our Store box on our website to find the many selections.


thumbnail image1Alex and Andrea de Roode of PONOinfusions.

Meet the Tea Makers at Maui’s PONOinfusions

We source some of our teas from Alex and Andrea de Roode, who grow organic teas and herbs at their Maui Tea Farm on the slopes of the dormant volcano, Haleakala. The couple began growing tea (Camellia sinensis) in 2013 for their company, PONOinfusions. The Hawaiian word pono means “to do what is right and just” and tea ingredients are grown sustainably and organically without pesticides and herbicides.

The couple also sources plants from around the world to blend into their artisan teas and herbal infusions. Their attention to detail garnered a bronze medal in 2018 at the Global Tea Championships in Boulder. Tea is attractively packed at the Maui Food Innovation Center at University of Hawaii Maui College.


thumbnail image2Andrea harvests tea at the couple’s three-acre Maui Tea Farm.

Tea is Good for You

“Tea is high in antioxidants to boost the immune system,” shares Andrea, a registered dietician. “Green and white tea is high in polyphenols.” Polyphenols are micronutrients thought to offer blood sugar support, reduce inflammation, promote tissue repair and better heart, eye, gut and brain health according to

Hawaii’s Gift Baskets features PONOinfusions’ Kai and Lani beverages. Kai is made of organic loose-leaf green and white teas, plus nettle, cornflowers, lemon balm and green rooibos; the latter mellows out the astringency of the teas. A big green tea fan, Andrea’s says Kai is her favorite of their beverages.

Alex goes for the Lani infusion, especially as an iced beverage as he finds it “fruity and refreshing.” Meaning “heaven” in Hawaiian, Lani is a loose-leaf citrus infusion comprised of hibiscus, lemongrass, rosehips, lemon peel and lemon verbena. Alex says hibiscus “is known as an antioxidant that helps with blood pressure and sugar regulation” and adds Lani is “high in vitamin C.”

Hawaii’s Gift Baskets offers PONO’s Infuse Aloha Kit in some of its tea baskets for ease in brewing. The kit offers five, reusable cotton sachets, making it like a big, reusable tea bag. No tea ball or French press is necessary!   


thumbnail BowlFullofAlohawteaThe Bowl of Aloha with Tea gift “bowl” is one of the many gift choices offering tea by Hawaii’s Gift Baskets.


Ordering is Easy-Peasy

Order online or phone us for more personalized service, 808-333-9444! We are open daily 9:30am-5pm Hawaii Standard Time (we are now 6 hours behind Eastern Standard Time). Mahalo, Stay Safe and please keep in touch—again find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  

Here’s our social medialinks:


Instagram: @HawaiisGiftBaskets

Twitter: Hawaiisbaskets




thumbnail FruitwithTropFlowers combinedThe ultimate fresh summery gift is tropical fruit and flowers.

Send a Gift of Tropical Fruit for Every Occasion!

Think Fresh! A gaily decorated basket of tasty tropical fruit is sure to please family and friends for just about every occasion. Laden with luscious Hawaii pineapples, papaya and more, our baskets are available with fresh exotic flowers too—long-lasting orchid sprays, gingers or heart-shaped anthuriums—for the optimum showy gift display. In addition to flowers, fruit baskets can be stocked with tropical jams, Kona coffee, gourmet cheese, local lavosh and chocolate!

 thumbnail BigIslandSweetsWeddingMake an occasion extra special with the gift of fresh fruit and flowers.


Fresh Fruit Baskets Available for Hawaii Delivery

thumbnail BigIslandSweetsWeddingOur fresh fruit baskets come gaily wrapped for any special occasion and are extra special in a reusable cooler bag.All our fresh fruit baskets are available for Hawaii delivery only. We hand-deliver baskets in Kona and Waikoloa here on the Big Isle and depend on Fed Ex to deliver overnight elsewhere statewide. Easily find our fruit/flower baskets under “Hawaii Bound” on our website. Over the years, these baskets have been best sellers as clients like to ship them to newlyweds in Hawaii for a destination wedding or honeymoon, or even to friends visiting the islands. And of course, the fruit baskets are popular for gifting among in-state residents…and as hostess gifts.


thumbnail PineapplePineapples grow on the ground and are nicknamed the “King of Fruit.”

Fun Fruit Facts—Did You Know?
The King of Fruit

Known as a symbol of hospitality, the whole pineapple was especially prized during colonial times and “rented” for elaborate buffets. These pineapples would later be sold outright to more affluent patrons as the exotic fruit was the visual keystone of rank and wealth. James Dole founded Hawaii’s first pineapple company in 1901 with the goal to put the fruit into every U.S. grocery store. American housewives were intrigued by the odd-looking pineapple which contained juicy, sunny yellow fruit. Soon, desserts like the cherry-adorned Pineapple Upside Down Cake were all the rage. Hawaii’s industry skyrocketed and tasty pineapple, with its towering crown, was nicknamed the “king of fruit.”



thumbnail PapayaBoxWe offer certified-for-export cases of 6-to-8 papaya that can be shipped to the US Mainland.

Papaya—We Also Ship by the Box to the Mainland

The papaya’s yellow-orange, succulent flesh is most often enjoyed fresh at breakfast with a squeeze of lime, and also in smoothies and juices. Papaya seeds have a peppery flavor and are popular for making commercial Papaya Seed Salad Dressing. High in Vitamin C, papaya contains papain, an enzyme that helps digest proteins. Papaya is a major agricultural commodity in Hawaii and the fruit is grown for both local consumption and as an export crop. Here at Hawaii’s Gift Baskets, we can ship a box of fresh papaya to the US Mainland. Picked fresh and packed ready for shipping, our Case Certified Fresh Papaya includes 6-8 fruits, depending on size. Please order a week prior to desired delivery date.


thumbnail BigIslandSweetsWeddingAnd don’t forget, if only chocolate will do for your loved one, we offer our Big Island Sweets Basket, complete with plumeria-shaped chocolates and mac nuts smothered in chocolate, coconut and Kona coffee! Yum!

Ordering is Easy-Peasy

Order online or phone us for more personalized service, 808-333-9444! We are open daily 9:30am-5pm Hawaii Standard Time (we are now 6 hours behind Eastern Standard Time). Mahalo, Stay Safe and please keep in touch—again find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Here’s our social medialinks: Facebook:
Instagram: @HawaiisGiftBaskets
Twitter: Hawaiisbaskets







Spa-tacular! Get Free Shipping on All Spa Baskets for July!

Summer is in full swing and the perfect time to pamper your bod with our spa offerings. Our baskets and bowls feature beautifully decorated artisan soaps, body lotions and oils, butter creams and island-scented aroma mists and fragrances. They make perfect gifts or bathroom amenities for summer guests.


Meet Our Neighbors Who Craft Our Products

untitled2Vanessa Kalanikau fills bottles at Kopa Haiku in Maui.We source the products filling our baskets from local purveyors who actually make them right here in the 50th State! We’d like to share a little bit about some of these enterprising folks: Kopa Haiku, Kohana Bath & Body and Hana Lima. While they all capture the essence of the islands through their fragranced products, each company is uniquely different.



Kopa Haiku

untitled3The rich fragrance of gardenia scents Kohana Bath & Body products that are featured in our Hawaiian Gardenia Spa Bowl. “Kopa” means soap in Hawaiian and Kopa Haiku started in the lush community of Haiku, Maui. The company was established on the simple idea of “sharing the aloha
spirit.” Scents were created for Kopa Haiku to capture the essence of Hawaii and the products give customers “a piece of the aloha way of life to take home.”

Today, the hand-crafted bath and body products are made in Kula Makai (Kihei) and evoke the luscious fragrances of puakenikeni, awapuhi, plumeria, tuberose, pikake and Alii Kane for men. Soaps, lotions and butters are free of preservatives, petroleum or parabens.

Our two Kopa Haiku Gift Baskets not only contain healing spa products, but also an island-themed ceramic tile offering catchy “Words of Wisdom” for fun.



Kohana Bath & Body

untitled4Shell Weyrick of the Big Island hand-crafts soaps for Kohana Bath & Body at her studio in Waimea.Founded in 2009 by Shell Weyrick, Kohana Bath & Body not only makes its own small-batch, organic lotions, oils, soaps and lip balm, it also uses local ingredients to do it. Family and friends lend a hand at Shell’s studio in the upcountry community of Waimea on the Big Isle.

“Hawaii has a wealth of great botanical resources,” notes Shell. “We depend on small farmers to provide wild-harvested coconut, kukui nut and mac nut oils, coconut milk and beeswax.”

untitled4Packaging at Kohana Bath & Body is eco-friendly. Shell got into the spa products biz after she enjoyed soap-making as a hobby. She first gifted her soaps to friends and family and they were so popular she was encouraged to take it to a new level. To provide a top-notch product, Shell took a certification course at the School of Natural Skin Care and then developed her line with input by local retailers.

Kohana Bath & Body products are free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum and phthalates. They are vegan-plant based and made without chemicals or detergents. Packaging is eco-friendly.



Hana Lima Hawaiian Soap

untitled5Hana Lima Hawaiian Soaps are attractively wrapped in bright Hawaiian fabrics. Our Hana Lima Soap Set includes five bars of pure vegetable, hand-cut soaps made by a two-person operation in Kailua-Kona on the Big Isle. Each soap comes wrapped in colorful Hawaiian fabric. The set features best-selling fragrances like coconut, gardenia, pikake, plumeria, orchid, ginger lemongrass or mango-starfruit. In addition, the natural fiber basket is topped off with a locally made soy candle in a tropical fragrance—heavenly!



Ordering is Easy-Peasy

All spa products ordered in July 2020 will be shipped for free. Order online or phone us for more personalized service, 808-333-9444! We are open daily 9:30am-5pm Hawaii Standard Time (we are now 6 hours behind Eastern Standard Time). Mahalo, Stay Safe and please keep in touch—again find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Here’s our social medialinks: Facebook:
Instagram: @HawaiisGiftBaskets
Twitter: Hawaiisbaskets




dads are special

thumbnail ohana spice bowlDad will enjoy using the Ohana Spice Bowl at the next BBQ.

We Love Dads—Post His Photo!

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21 and we want to salute our Dads! Simply post a photo of your Dad (and anything you want to share about him) on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We want to fill our social media sites with Dads! AND, we have a special photo discount offer: Gift Dad with one of our Hawaii’s Gift Baskets for Father’s Day and post a photo of him with his basket on our social media sites and both you and Dad receive $20 off your next orders. Offer is good through August, 2020.
Here’s our links:
Instagram: @HawaiisGiftBaskets
Twitter: Hawaiisbaskets


Way to Go Daddy-O!

thumbnail peles FireGive Dad some heat with the tasty Pele’s Fire basket.Show your father, coach or the special man in your life how much you appreciate him on Father’s Day with one of our fun Dad’s Day gift baskets. It’s easy—check out our website under the Special Celebrations menu for 21 Father’s Day selections! These carefully crafted baskets cater to the man, featuring Kona coffee, island-made chef aids, tasty snacks, fresh tropical fruit and ingredients for concocting exotic libations.

thumbnail pupu party fathers dayThe way to a man’s heart is though his stomach and the Pupu Party basket.For example, if dad likes to barbecue, we’ve got “the essential” seasoning selection: the Ohana Spice Bowl. And for more heat, the Pele’s Fire basket is stocked with lip-smackin’ Kilauea Fire’s BBQ Sauce, Hot Sauce and Spicy Hawaiian Ketchup, plus Raging Volcano Hot Sauce and Kiawe Taro Chips by the Hawaiian Chip Company. Another suggestion is the Pupu Party basket with Hawaii-made chips, lavosh, pepper jelly, dried fruit, mac nuts, chocolates, cookies and tropical juice. And…no one knows Dad like you, so we can also customize a basket to his liking. In addition, our ‘Ohana Blessing plaque is a touching basket add-on. Our last day for shipping in time for Father’s Day is June 17.


Say Congrats to 2020 Grads

thumbnail Ohana blessing tileWe’ve got great basket add-ons to make your gift special.Due to COVID-19, this yearʻs graduates unfortunately have to forgo the traditional graduation hoopla. Many are arriving at designated locations in family cars to singularly collect that long-awaited diploma…while a school administratior snaps a quick photo. Some famiIies are encouraging well-wishers to bring signs and “drive-by” their homes to safely congratulate their graduate—and give them their due.

thumbnail SweetBasketGive your graduate their due with the Lauhala Sweet Snack Basket.We can help by delivering well wishes to graduates with our selection of gift baskets. We can custom stock a basket or bag with your choice of snacks, fresh fruit and flowers...or we have some pre-designed selections that will delight your favorite grad!

Our Lauhala Sweet Snack basket is jam-packed with Hawaii-made goodies including rich and fragrant Kona Gold Rum Cake—a prestigious Hawai‘i Seal of Quality product. The tasteful, reusable woven lauhala basket makes this a gift that keeps on giving.  Another selection sure to please is our Sugar Lips Cookie Co. Treat Bag with melt-in-your mouth passionfruit, coconut and macadamia nut snowball cookies, plus Brownie Lava with Mac Nuts baked fresh by local company Rainbow Falls Connection.


Ordering is Easy-Peasy

Order online or phone us for more personalized service, 808-333-9444! We are open daily 9:30am-5pm Hawaii Standard Time (we are now 6 hours behind Eastern Standard Time). Mahalo, Stay Safe and please keep in touch—again find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


thumbnail SugarLipsCan’t go wrong with cookies and the Sugar Lips basket is a fitting reward for any grad.



thumbnail IMG 1722Brighten someoneʻs day with one of our gailey wrapped gift baskets.

Send Some Aloha to Loved Ones in Quarantine

Mahalo for the great feedback on our recent first blog—we always appreciate hearing from you! Itʻs comforting to stay connected during the COVID pandemic...whether via a blog, social media, phone calls and Face Time…or sending a gift basket to say “I care.” Hawaii’s Gift Baskets has a large array of gift baskets to brighten someoneʻs day!

Mother’s Day is May 10

Friendly reminder the second Sunday of the month is Motherʻs Day. For May, we feature our Big Island Sweets No Ka Oi (The Best) gift basket. Chock full of tasty made-in-Hawaii goodies, this popular basket is sure to please Mom or a loved one isolated due to the pandemic. Among the many tasty treats found in the basket are chocolates painstakingly prepared by two Kona confectioners and weʻd like to share their stories. Itʻs wonderful folks like these that make our baskets so special!


thumbnail KailuaCandyCo 1Kailua Candy Company confectioners Robin and Cathy Barrett top mac nuts with chocolate for their crunchy Mac Nut Honu (turtle) candies.

Kailua Candy Company

Kailua Candy Company was founded in 1977 in Kailua-Kona and at the helm is second generation confectioner Cathy Barrett and hubby Robin. “Our rules from the beginning have been to use the finest ingredients and we try to make the best tasting candies,” shares Cathy. The Barretts offer small-batch, handmade, real chocolate candies that sweetly feature the flavors of the islands. Their efforts were lauded by Bon Appetit as one of the nation’s Top 10 chocolate shops. Enjoy Mac Nut Honus (Turtles), award-winning Kona Coffee Swirls—which were served nightly for 28 years on the former Capt. Beans Dinner Cruise out of Kailua Bay—Tropical Truffles, Kona Coffee Bean Bark, Dark Chocolate Mac Nut Kona Sea Salt Bark and more.


thumbnail PaminOrchardPam Cooper displays colorful cacao pods bearing beans to make single-artisan chocolates at Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory.

Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory

thumbnail BobMoldingBob Cooper hand-fills mold to make plumeria-shaped chocolates.OHCF has the distinction of being the first to grow, hand-pick, sun-dry and process only Hawaiian-grown cocoa beans to assure purity and quality. The result is a delicious, single-origin Hawaii chocolate of distinctive texture and taste. OHCF was founded by North Carolina natives Bob and Pam Cooper, the couple grows cacao in Keauhou-Kona to make small-batch milk, dark and criollo chocolate at their on-site factory. Moving to Hawaii in 1997, the couple bought a farm with coffee, macadamia nut and cacao trees. Bob decided he could make something special right in his own back yard, American-grown chocolate. “Out of principal, we made the decision to both grow and process the chocolate right here to keep it locally made in the 50th State,” shares Bob. Marking 20 years in biz, their motto is “Chocolate is Aloha!®”


Big Island Sweets No Ka Oi

In addition to a selection of chocolates by these two fine confectioners, our Big Island Sweets No Ka Oi gift basket also includes a variety of chocolate-covered creamy mac nuts by Tropical Temptations. This basket is also available with an additional, long-lasting Tropical Floral Bouquet. Find product details on our website under Specialty Baskets:

thumbnail image1Tantalize the taste buds with our Big Island Sweets No Ka Oi (The Best) gift basket.

Exclusive Offer Thru May 27, 2020

During these trying times, Hawaii’s Gift Baskets would like to make your gift giving a little easier! Use the website code LEIDAY2020 to not only get $10 off all orders of $100 or more, but to ALSO enjoy Free Shipping! We are located in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island and where we can’t hand-deliver locally, we offer overnight FedEx shipping.


Ordering is Easy-Peasy

Order online or phone us for more personalized service, 808-333-9444! We are open daily 9:30am-5pm Hawaii Standard Time (we are now 6 hours behind Eastern Standard Time). Mahalo, Stay Safe and please keep in touch—find us on facebook, twitter and Pinterest.


thumbnail wrapped insulated bagsRe-usable Insulated Bags Make Nifty Basket Containers


Happy Spring! We Debut Our New Blog

While everyone is hanging tight and cocooning in the wake of the COVID virus, we are introducing our new blog to keep in touch and let you know whatʻs happening with us here in Hawaii. Youʻll find special offers and new things we are doing to keep you up-to-date on the best Made-in-Hawaii offerings. We will also be sharing the stories of the folks who work so hard to create the local products that make our gift baskets so special.

thumbnail Spring SpaBrighten the Day of a Loved OneCOVID Safety

First, we want to note we are hunkered down here on the Big Island and going out and about only as needed. Our priority is to stay virus free and protect our family, friends and customers. In that regard, we want to let you know Hawaiiʻs Gift Basket packers wear gloves and work on sanitized surfaces. We also have been told Fed Ex has taken steps to make warehouses, trucks and work areas germ-free.

thumbnail Easter basketsGaily Colored Easter Baskets


Egg-citing Easter Offer!

Celebrate the arrival of spring and Easter on April 12 with one of our brightly-colored gift baskets. We offer FREE SHIPPING on Easter orders placed between April 1-8, 2020; simply call in your order at 808-333-9444! We are open daily 9:30am-5pm Hawaii Standard Time (we are now 6 hours behind Eastern Standard Time).

Let Us Wow Your Family & Friends

Our bunnies at Hawaiiʻs Gift Baskets can fill a traditional Easter basket for you, or use one of our reusable Hawaiian print insulated bags or woven lauhala boxes or bags. We will hand pick items from our boutique of locally made products, just let us know if you want snacks, candies, bottled condiments, spa products, fruit and/or tropical flowers as your wish is our command! We also have 16 Easter-Springtime gift-giving suggestions on our website under the Special Celebrations menu as ready-made options: Just let us know your preference and weʻll hop to it!

thumbnail Happy May DayMay 1 is Lei Day in HawaiiMay Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

Here in Hawaii, we celebrate spring with Lei Day on May 1. There are statewide contests for stringing lei made of flowers, shells and seeds. Considered the official symbol of aloha, the gifting of a lei in Hawaii is a way to say “I care.”

Here at Hawaiiʻs Gift Baskets, we care about you and will strive to create a gift basket you are proud to give your loved ones and biz associates. Happy Spring and hope to hear from you soon!




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